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My name is Lucas Welsh. I’ve lived in Fort McMurray most of my life, and for that I consider myself lucky. It is in this place where, in my grade 10 math class, I met my beautiful wife, Adrien. It is in this place where my first son, Justice Michael was born. And it is in this place where my family will continue to grow, with my soon to arrive son, KJ. Of all the roles that I get to play, being a husband and father, are most important to me.

I’ve worked as a Firefighter/EMT since 2006, and easily consider the men I work with to be family. I am also the Worship and Creative Pastor at Fort City Church, where I first began leading worship in 2001, and have attended since 1991.

I am a Christ Follower, and have a passion to help others know and worship Jesus.

I’m humbled by the idea, that who I am is the result of my lifetime of interactions with friends, and family. I’ve been blessed to have had people speak truth and strength into my life, and every right and good thing I do, is in some way owed to their influence.



4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Thank you for visiting G & G!

  2. AB says:

    Hi Lucas,

    I am glad to hear you are doing well. I am choosing to remain anonymous, for reasons that I will disclose later. We went to church and high school together. In fact, when I think of high school memories, the thought of you comes up as well, and I wish I could say they are fond memories. I can honestly say, that to this day, if I ever saw you walking down the street, I would do whatever I could to avoid you.

    You made my high school life horrible. You picked on me, you made me feel bad about myself, in fact, I even specifically remember you telling me to kill myself. You remember how small of a school Westwood was and unfortunately with us sharing so many classes together, it was next to impossible to avoid you. I knew Adrien and her sister Haylee as well. I never understood how someone as caring and nice as Adrien could ever date someone as cruel as you. I took comfort in the fact that it was a high school relationship and it would probably end. Obviously that comfort is no longer relevant, but, if you are what makes Adrien happy so be it.

    When I look at the life that you have made for yourself now… it looks like you have changed. It also could all be a lie. Your a worship leader and your with Adrien. Well that can’t be a change because you bullied me even though you were involved at the church, before, and during you dating Adrien. Your a firefighter/EMT. Good for you… but from my experience most (not all) of the firefighters I have met are cocky jerks and some of them even like to play God. I hope you have changed.

    I am writing this to say, I pray to God you have changed. I hope your children grow up with the kindness of Adrien and not your cruelty. I pray that you teach them not to bully other people and to be kind to everyone around them. I pray that the bullying ends with you and doesn’t get passed down to your children.

    I guess I am also writing to thank you. Without your bullying in high school I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I am independent, I have a good career helping those in need, and I stand up for what I think is right. But, perhaps I would have turned out the same without your bullying, and have more self confidence. We will never know. I wouldn’t say I am happy with my life, but I am certainly content. I am staying anonymous because, honestly, I am afraid. I have wanted to write you this letter for years, but have been too afraid of the repercussions. My self confidence is not quite at the level I would like to be yet.

    I wanted you to know, that you effected someone this much from your actions, so maybe you might be a little more cautious the next time you say something cruel.

    Good luck in life and God Bless.

    • welshlucas says:

      Firstly I would like to thank you for reaching out to me. I know it probably wasn’t easy, and that it took a lot of courage. I can assure you there is no need for you to “be afraid” as you have said, there will be no malice or harsh reaction from me at all.

      Secondly I would like to acknowledge to you that though you have remained anonymous, it is very likely that the things you say I said and did to you, are most likely true. The sad fact is that you are likely not the only victim of my harsh words and actions from high school. I recall having bullied not only other students, but some teachers as well. There is no excuse for my actions, and I won’t seek to try to explain them away. Your hurt was a direct result of my actions. My fault. My responsibility. And for what I did, I am truly sorry.

      You say you hope I am changed, and I can assure you, that is the case. I am not the same person who picked on and hurt you. I no longer tear others down in attempt to build myself up. The truth is, I believe, quite the opposite. I play the role of mentor and encourager. I try to speak words of life and hope to people. I try to live a life full of love.

      I can’t blame you if you are skeptical of that. Words are cheap, especially of the internet variety. But if you would give me a chance, I could show you the type of man I have become. If you would consider reaching out yet again, and maybe meeting for coffee or lunch I would appreciate the chance to at least apologize for my hurtful words, and show you that person can change for the better.

      For a brief moment I considered not publishing your comment. It paints a very ugly picture of me, and puts on display a part of my history that I am not proud of. But I published it so you would know that I am sincere in my apology, and that others who would read it, would know that people can find redemption for the things they have done. That no matter how dark a person’s heart may become, a person is not bound to that darkness.

      I won’t ask you to give up your anonymity, but if you did want to, you can email me at welshlucas@hotmail.com or get ahold of me on Facebook.


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